Credit Reports for Employment Screening
IntelliCorp offers credit reports to employers from one of the three national credit bureaus. Reports provide insight into an applicant's financial responsibility and include information such as the applicant's address, past and current employers, any public-filing information, debt load, and payment history.

Consumer Credit Reports
Consumer credit reports provide a summary of a consumer's credit history. Empirica® scoring - also known as an individual's credit rating - is available for an additional charge. This report also requires an application approved by the credit bureau.

Professional Licensing
Professional licensing searches research information on individuals who need state licenses to engage in a professional activity. (Licensed professions may vary by state.) Reports may include such information as the name and address of the licensee; the licensing agency; license type, number, and class; license classification (business or personal); status of license; and issue and expiration dates. You may submit a state or nationwide search.

Medical Fraud and Abuse Information
This product consists of two product options to choose from: Medical Fraud and Abuse: This product searches for information on individuals and entities in the healthcare field that have received adverse actions. This product includes more than 800 sources reporting disciplinary actions which will include the following actions: exclusions, debarments, probations, letters of reprimand, and license terminations.

The search is comprised of the following components: OIG(Office of Inspector General), GSA(General Services Administration), FDA(Food and Drug Administration), DEA(Drug Enforcement Agency) and action taken by licensing boards in all 50 states. This product requires a service agreement to be completed prior to ordering the search.

Practitioner’s Databank
The NPDB (National Practitioner’s Databank) is primarily intended to facilitate a comprehensive review of health care practitioners' professional credentials. The information contained in the NPDB is intended to direct discrete inquiry into, and scrutiny of, specific areas of a practitioner's licensure, professional society memberships, medical malpractice payment history, and record of clinical privileges. The information contained in the NPDB should be considered together with other relevant data in evaluating a practitioner's credentials; it is intended to augment, not replace, traditional forms of credentials review.

Access to information in the NPDB is available to entities that meet the eligibility requirements defined in the provisions of P.L. 99-660 and the NPDB regulations. In order to access information, entities must first register with the Data Bank. NPDB information is not available to the general public. However, information in a form that does not identify any particular entity or practitioner is available.

Terrorist Database
A terrorist database search helps you meet federal OFAC identification requirements. The search includes data from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. This search will help ensure that you don't enter into transactions with a person or organization involved in terrorism, international narcotics trafficking, or activities related to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

DOT Employment Verification
The Department of Transportation employment verification product consists of the supervisor questionnaire addresses a series of questions regarding past employment and includes drug and alcohol background checks that are required for valid DOT employment. Each search requires a signed release to be completed. A signed release can be downloaded from the IntelliCorp website. Searches will not be processed until a signed release is completed and faxed to our Client Services Department.

Payroll Verification
Payroll Verification addresses the current employment status, current employment date, if the applicant’s paycheck is direct deposited, the pay frequency and most recent paycheck date.

This is a combined search covering personal Bankruptcy filings from all states, Federal and State Tax Liens and Judgments filed at the county level for 35 States. The State/County coverage varies and most counties are updated weekly. The minimum amount for listed judgments is $25.00 in most states. A few western states do have a $50.00 minimum. Liens reported are federal, state, and sometimes county tax liens.

Scoring allows a subject's results to be scored according to a pass, fail and hold status. This is a hands-on process in which the reviewer applies a pass, fail or hold status for the subject. The criteria for determining the subject’s status is based on specific client requirements.

Nationwide People Search
Excellent source using Name, DOB and State for skip-tracing, people locator, address verification and general information, covering over 200 million households in the US. Compiled from multiple sources, it is updated monthly and includes national change of address records. This is one of the most current and complete databases for locating people and verifying address information.

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