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Mariner Healthcare says
We are a large nursing home/hospital chain w/over 50,000 employees, spread out all across the United States, and this program has really worked well for us. I have building administrators calling me wanting their prizes when they find out their building is injury free for a specific time period. Our experience shows that the employees like to have a tangible award. Something they can put their hands on. They don't want to have to wait to send something in to get their reward. The Star Performance Buck program can be adapted to what ever award system you want to use, and that is what makes the Sims program work.

The service we have received from them has been wonderful. Everyone at the Sims company has been wonderful. All the items they mail out have always arrived as promised and all shipments can be traced through UPS. This helps tremendously when it comes to proving to buildings that the "prizes, posters, and gifts" are there in your building somewhere.

When we started this program we didn't expect the success we had. We actually under ordered gifts and had to have more made. Our losses went up from a 75% success rate in 2001, to an 82% success rate for 2002. SO, 82% of our buildings are receiving gifts this month for the March/April award period. Like I said before, they want their gifts. All in all, we are very pleased w/the level of service we receive from both Bill and his staff!

Waste Management says
The program is going GREAT. No injuries to report this year (and with two major outages that was impressive). Employees are responding well and like the new program! ---Cathy T.

Hunter Douglas says
The facility has just been audited by OSHA and been awarded the VPP Star level. Paul credits both their internal programs and Sims for the progress that they have made during the past two years.

Below is a summary of their safety performance since starting the program. The incident average for their industry is 7.8. In 2000, they were 6.14. In the next year they dropped to 5.14 and 2.66 in 2002. So far, there has not been an incident for 2003. Over this period they have not incurred a lost time incident and have just reached a million man hours without a lost time incident. Very impressive results over a two year span.

One interesting comment. During the OSHA review, they were questioned about the free Sims trips and how they were being awarded. Clearly, they were looking at injury hiding. Phil showed them that the trips were awarded on the basis of safety contribution. This satisfied them.

Moapa Energy Facility says

Bill Sims Co.
PO Box 21279
Columbia, SC 29221-1279

Dear Bill,

I enjoyed working with you and the program was a great success. Not only did it generate a lot of excitement with the Craft; your company very professionally presented the program. The catalogs, price sheets, safety grams, safety suggestion and hazard elimination forms, wheel of fortune and safety suggestion boxes, etc. all gave the program a very professional look.

The grand prize drawings at the end of each month were extremely popular also. Something we did at the end of the project was offer additional Star Performance Bucks to each craft if they finished up with no doctor cases or safety violations. This is typically when we can have fraudulent claims or accidents happen because people are complacent. The flexibility that Star Performance Buck Program gives an employer is great because you can adapt to fit times like this. In addition the quality of the merchandise you provide with the program is excellent.

I would recommend your program to any project or company that is looking for a positive approach to accident prevention.

FCII Site Safety Manager
Southwest USA

WVNS says
I've responded to your questions below and hope this serves your needs. I have to say that working with The Bill Sims Company was a dream. Bill, Jr. took most of the stress away from me for starting a brand new incentive program - he and Bonnie Sims were a delight to work with. If you have more questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call or e-mail me. My business number is 716/942-6532. I wish you well in your endeavor to have a successful program - it's exciting to see your co-workers get recognized for their efforts and having your management and customers thrilled with the results in meeting their goals and objectives! Developing, implementing and managing this program was definitely a highlight of my job! Good luck. Cathy Atkinson

First, let me explain why we chose this program. I worked at a nuclear waste cleanup facility which has a heavy emphasis on environmental protection (as you can imagine). I was the Chairperson for the Pollution Prevention/Waste Minimization Program, which was mandated by the Department of Energy (our customer). In November 1999, every DOE site received new national goals to meet which included energy conservation, waste stream reduction and elimination, and recycling, etc. Our customer told me to do whatever we needed to do to meet these goals and recognize/reward employees for doing so. We already had a safety program in place that was using another system for rewarding people - I was involved in that. However, that program and another suggestion program, were cumbersome and viewed by employees somewhat unfavorably. So this was the company s third incentive program - I knew what didn t work so that made my job easier.

I rounded up a small group of volunteers and we benchmarked 9 other companies to find out what they were doing to meet goals and reward employees. During this research, The Bill Sims Company was discovered and we decided to outsource our program using a company with experience in developing incentive programs, as well as carrying the inventory in their warehouses, etc.

We didn t use this for our safety program, so had different goals and objectives to measure. However, it is critical to have clear and specific goals to meet. We were able to track and measure how we were progressing on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. This served us well in justifying our entire program to both our customer and management team. We far exceeded customer expectations in cost savings and avoidances as well as the numbers we had to meet in energy conservation, etc. Our program was recognized at a national level for the innovative incentive program we had developed.

Regarding moral issues, at the time we instituted the program, there were serious moral and budgetary issues. Downsizing was ongoing - voluntary separations and retirements, and layoffs all occurred from 2000-2002. (I left the company voluntarily in Spring 2002 to start my own company.) However, this program was a bright spot both for the company and the customer - we received lots of positive attention internally and externally. As a matter of fact, the program was one of the key highlights in a special EPA recognition program we participated in. Employees were able to focus some of their attention to making a difference in the workplace, get recognized for it, as well as rewarded with a gifts of their choice.

In my opinion, using The Bill Sims Company was one of the best things we ever did to kick-start our program in meeting our goals. It provided clarity for all of the workforce on what we needed to do and I was able to provide much better results (and reports) to our customer. Bill Sims, Jr. was extremely helpful in helping us design this custom program. We held several conference calls both with and without my team. Use of e-mail made our work much smoother and more efficient while developing this program as well. He always was quick to respond to any questions or concerns before, during, and after our program was in place. It was a pleasure doing business with Bill - he definitely made me feel we were a valued customer and wanted us to have a successful program.

We allotted about $30/person a year for this program - return on investment was incredible. In the first 18 months of the program we had cost savings and avoidances of over $2.2M!

Jan Crawford of Georgia Pacific says
Georgia-Pacific Corporation
Dear Bill:

We have just completed our initial 15-month stretch with the Award of Excellence incentive program so I wanted to give you an update of how it went. We documented a 17% drop in injuries this year. As chairman of the Rewards/Communication/Publicity committee within our safety organization, the program assisted me greatly in meeting the committee's goals. One of our primary goals was to improve employee involvement within all aspects of safety. We also wanted to shift to proactive, behavior based safety systems. Through the program you customized specifically for our organization, we have been able to accomplish both. We had just completed our initial application into OSHA's VPP program and were awarded STAR level. In order to maintain STAR level, we needed to move forward and continue to improve. I feel confident that we have done just that by way of this program.

Of course, as with any change, some resistance was felt at the onset of the program. Once we ran the tax-free aspects of the program by my superiors and legal department, our committee felt strongly about trying the program. As employees began winning trips and ordering nice things with their "Star Performance Bucks", the program really took off. The 2nd Kickoff you recommended about half-way through the program really gave the it a shot in the arm as well. Many folks who were not interested originally were anxious to get involved at that point. We also wanted to tailor the program to the things that were really being successful and utilized. Through an employee survey, we identified some minor changes that will make the next version of the program even more productive. Your patience and cooperation with all of our requests is definitely appreciated.

I also wanted to mention the online sweepstakes your company has going. As you know, one of our employees, Ron Griffin, was one of the 2001 winners. During our Christmas meal, we surprised Big Ron and his wife with the certificate. Not only did a well-deserving, hard-working, great person win a wonderful gift, but it served as a great incentive for all of us in attendance. Employee morale is hard to put a price tag on. Thank you for that.

Though I will not be serving on this committee going forward, I have submitted my recommendation to continue the program for another year. Everyone is looking forward to it!!!

Best regards,
Jan Crawford
Plant/Regional Controller

WVNS says
Hi Bill - Just wanted you to know the success of our program to date. I just checked our records and they are: $1,337,737 in cost avoidances and savings. We've had 163 ideas submitted, 63 implemented, 11 rejected, and 89 accepted (which folks may or may not be working on). Currently, we have about 10 ideas awaiting team approval. Not bad, for 6 months into the program!!!

Additionally, we got special recognition in the national Department of Energy (DOE) newsletter on Pollution Prevention (January 2001). It sure feels good, doesn't it?

I believe it's been a very worthwhile program for the employees and our the customer. Your help and the help of an extremely dedicated team have made this program something we can all be proud of. Thank you.

Axis Staffing, a Distribution Center says
Hi Bill,

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how the Bill Sims Program is working for us.

We are a staffing agency that supplies associates for light industrial clients. In the years prior to working with you on a safety program for our associates, we averaged 40 workers' comp injuries per year. Then, disaster struck: in the year 2000, we experienced 74 WC injuries. Most of these were within two departments of one large client. Clearly, we now had both an opportunity and an urgent need to see what we could do to improve our safety record for this client.

I began the search for a safety consultant on the internet, and one name kept "popping up" in my research: Bill Sims Company. Your program materials and explanations of successful safety programs, and the questions and concerns that can arise, were professional, thoughtful and obviously reflected experience. No other consultant appeared to have such a thoughtful, experienced approach to employee incentive programs.

We have instituted a safety incentive program for our associates at the large client where most of our injuries were occurring. This location was the site of 52 injuries in 2000, 25 by June; yet this year, as of June, 2001, we have had only 7 injuries. And, we expect to implement even more of the Bill Sims' incentive ideas in the months to come, to lower our injury rate even further.

Without your expertise, I doubt we could have created a successful program. One of our goals was to avoid re-inventing the wheel in the area of safety incentives by making our own mistakes. This we have accomplished: your feedback and guidance as we considered different program ideas and options was invaluable. We WOULD have made several mistakes without your advice. I think this is one characteristic of the Bill Sims Company that sets it apart from other safety consultants: having more than a superficial or formulaic approach to the problem. You are able to customize your range of options to create an incentive program that fits the customer's specific needs.

There is a genuine excitement among our associates for the program. We have incorporated instant prizes, Star Performance Bucks, and a Grand Prize into our program and all have been well-received. There is real anticipation for the upcoming Grand Prize drawing and honestly, I am glad that we can reward our associates' efforts to work safely with such a nice prize. Again, I can say that you have helped us create a program that is well-designed from "top to bottom."

Your expertise has been invaluable to us, and your service has been flawless.

Thanks Bill!

Max Dover of Fontaine Specialized says
The following is some information and I hope it helps you to make a decision:

  1. How has The Bill Sims Co. helped your firm?
    We are currently utilizing the program to help reduce the increasingly high costs of Workers Compensation. We manufacture heavy duty, customized, flatbed trailers Which require handling extremely heavy steel parts and consequently, have had an enormous amount of back, knee and shoulder injuries, which are costly and terrible for morale. After the first year with Bill's program, we reduced the number of injuries by two thirds, from approximately 60 to 19. We are now in our second year with the program and after five months have not had a lost time injury.
  2. How long have you used their services?
    At this location we are in our second year. Previously, I was with a company called Gold Kist, Inc. and they have been with Bill for at least six years.
  3. How would you characterize the relationship between your firm and The Bill Sims Company?
    It is strange that you should ask about our relationship with the company as I demand a personal relationship with all my vendors. Bill and his staff have responded to every need that I have and even for the personnel, provided a toll free number to assist with their problems when ordering items. I don't think you will find a more congenial and responsive company to Work with! I have tried others and as you can see have returned to Bill's program. If I can be of further assistance please contact me.

Ray Montaigne says
Ray Montaigne
Vecellio & Grogan

I'm only too glad to give a positive reference for Bill and his company. In response to your questions:

  1. Bill Sims helped me set up a customized awards program for our employees. We had an employee census of approximately 1100 employees. Everyone participated - from senior management to the yard help. We offered an incentive monthly, which provided continued safety awareness. We issued "Safety Bucks" to those who worked a month without a lost time or reportable injury, and doubled the award every three months of safe work. And, we raffled a color TV every month along with a telephone and radio head set. In a two year period, we reduced accidents and incidents to zero.
  2. We ran their program for over a two year period, when top management decided to go a different route due to financial downturns in our business.
  3. Bill's relationship was kin to that of a relative. He and his firm went out of their way to assist us, to correct mis-shipments, and in every other way he could. You will find Bill Sims to be very personable and sincere.
Ray Montaigne

Marie Jones of LSI says
Sorry, for the delay in the reply. I can only tell you that they were the best company that I have ever worked with, as far as follow up , support, creativity to fit our company needs. They were available 7 days a week, did all changes we needed and helped every step of the program. It cut our Workman Comp claims down to next to nothing, improved employee moral and overall was the best money we ever invested. Bill Sims Jr. even made a trip out to help with the final set up.

Marie Jones
Administrator, LSI. Inc.

Marie Huber of Heartland Foods says

  1. How has The Bill Sims Co. helped your firm? In what areas?
    Substantial financial savings, in Workman Comp claims due to employee awareness in safety procedures. All company employees with improved morale.
  2. How long have you used their services?
    Four (4) years until company was sold to a larger corporation.
  3. How would you characterize the relationship between your firm and The Bill Sims Co.?
    Excellent, they were available to us 7 days a week and Bill Sims Jr. came out to help with final set-up of the program. Best company support I have ever received. I would recommend their company to anyone looking to improve employee morale, safety or whatever issue you want to address within your own company.

To a perspective client:
I am currently working at Mystic Lake Hotel and Casino with approximately 4500 full time employees. They do not have any type of program in place at this point and it is most likely, the reason for the turn over that we have.

Employee retention is always hard in this type of environment, but they need to be encouraged to do the things that are just part of their everyday job. They need to have some type of positive reinforcement that says, we noticed that you did your job and you did it better than your peers. I have encouraged our firm to look into this type of program and since we are currently in transition, it will not be done until we have a new VP in place. I do believe it is the type of program that will work in your environment and encourage good positive behavior and happier employees.

"The larger your company is the smaller your employees feel."

They need to know that they are an important part of your business and that what they does make a difference. It does not matter if you're a restroom attendant, valet, beverage server, housekeeper, supervisor or area manager, without you there to do a good job it will always effect the guest and the bottom line. If you keep your employees safe and happy and let them have input into their own well being, you will have a more positive work environment no matter what line of business your in. I'm sure that you will find Bill Sims and his staff to be a very professional and ethical company to do business with. They will do everything to support you and help you get your program off the ground and running smoothly. You will not be disappointed in the follow-up you will receive.

I have worked with Bill and his company since 1993 and have not been disappointed or had any referrals tell me that they have not been happy with his program or support team. You will see the positive effects it has on your employees and on your bottom line. The program more than paid for itself when we used it in our company with the decrease in accidents, comp claims and retention.

Marie Huber

Waste Management says
Been busy with safety kickoff and observations. Things are going well and the employees LOVE this program thus far!!! (I am so proud I am bursting!) So, if you need any testimonials or help I am here for you!.

TexMex Railway Says
By the End of February last year we had 4 reportable injuries, all were lost time injuries. This year we have had 1 reportable injury and zero lost time injuries. Looks like the program is working! Thanks Bill!Waste Management says
The program is going GREAT. No injuries to report this year (and with two major outages that was impressive). Employees are responding well and like the new program! ---Cathy T.

Georgia Pacific says

  1. How long have you used Bill Sims Company?
    I believe we are in the third consecutive contract with the Bill Sims company.
  2. How has the program been received by your employees?
    The employees were very enthusiastic. I contribute this in part to the kickoff we held as suggested by Bill Sims and also, the intermittent "re-kick offs" that have been held.
  3. How satisfied are you/your employees with the prizes provided?
    As I'm sure you're aware, you can rarely please 100% of the people 100% of the time -- But in my15+ years with this company and many of the same employees, they were more pleased with this than with anything we had ever done.
  4. How satisfied are you with the Bill Sims Company as a vendor?
    I was very satisified. He always returned calls, responded to e-mails, and provided the time and flexibility we needed.
  5. Did the program meet your objectives (to lower injuries, increase > training participation, etc.)? We have achieved and maintained VPP Star Site Status. The program got good reviews in OSHA's review....even though OSHA is not a big fan of "paying" people to be safe. Our main objectives were employee awareness and employee involvment. The BINGO program in particular helped us achieve that easily.
  6. Have you considered another vendor? Or, were you previously with another vendor?
    Yes, the safety committee over rewards and communication checked in to several companies. Immediately prior to selecting the Bill Sims company, we were doing an in-house safety bonus calculation and various other incentive ideas.


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