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Registration is not required to take the free test. If your interest is to take the free test, click the "Test Drive" button.

Registered Clients have access to the full eTest assessment battery. In addition to the personality assessment, a vocabulary section and a deductive reasoning section are included -- helping to further round out the results of the report. Additionally, registered users have access to multiple reporting formats. The Interview Guide is the hiring manager's report, which includes a detailed analysis of the candidate, targeted interview probes, and functional comparisons. Registered users also have the option of receiving the Developmental Report, which can be provided to the candidate for self-development purposes.

If you are interested in becoming a registered client, please fill out the form below. Your application will be processed and you will receive registration information via email within one business day.

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From time to time eTest participates in psychological research by asking candidates to fill out additional questionnaires, opinion surveys, etc. Candidates are always informed about the nature of the research and are permitted to refuse to be involved if they wish. They are assured that participating or not participating is entirely up to them and will have no impact in any way on the hiring process. The research may be sponsored by a University (for a doctoral student's dissertation for example), or may be part of our efforts to improve our methods and approach. If the participation will involve over 5 minutes of additional time, we will arrange for the candidate to complete the survey later, rather than extending your testing session. If you would not like for your candidates to participate in this research, please uncheck the box below.

Yes, I'd like my candidates to participate in research.

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