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eTest is the online arm of Management Psychology Group in Atlanta, GA. Developed by Management Psychology Group, a professional industrial-organizational psychology practice based in Atlanta, GA, eTest testing services have been used for a number of years by some of the most successful companies in America. Below are some testimonials from satisfied eTest and MPG customers.

"eTest allows us to screen candidates quickly and less expensively than traditional screening methods. eTest is an effective method for obtaining high-quality hires in a cost-effective, quick manner."
Dave Berry, Senior VP, Large Business Sales

"eTest has become a necessary resource for our organization. It proves effective in selecting quality employees in a convenient manner and is extremely easy to use."
Jim Pflaging, CEO

"We have benefited greatly from this convenient, very user-friendly tool that instantly provides both a candidate-specific interview guide, and, most importantly, a highly accurate candidate profile. The payoff for GLOBALT has been the virtual elimination of 'hiring mistakes'."
Angela Z. Allen, Founding Chairman

"We have had a relationship with MPG since 1988 and began using eTest in the middle of 1999. We believe in eTest and give the test to every employee. eTest has been very successful in limiting our turnover as well as in selecting the best quality employees."
David C. Cooper, CEO

"I wouldn't think of adding key personnel without Management Psychology Group. Their assessments are an invaluable tool for screening new hires."
John Bacon, CEO
Iterated Systems

"Anytime you hire someone there's always that element of risk. Management Psychology Group has a very solid, scientific approach which greatly improves our hiring abilities and their services help us make the best decisions about who to bring into the company. We also benefit from developing existing employees so they can better understand themselves and their impact on others."
Dave Dorman, CEO

"Scientific-Atlanta has enjoyed a long working history with Management Psychology Group. We use them for candidate assessments for executives and sales positions as well as for executive development initiatives. We selected them based on their range of services, the expertise and backgrounds of their staff and their knowledge and understanding of the cultures and dynamics of companies like Scientific-Atlanta. I've been most pleased with the results of our association with MPG and I'd highly recommend them to other companies."
Fred Schultz, Human Resources Director

"Management Psychology Group has added a higher level of sophistication to the hiring process, allowing us to gain insight into the candidate's overall characteristics, work style and ethics. Their services are on the mark, and as a result, we've had excellent hires, proven over years of employment."
Matthew H. Levin, Executive Officer
Windham Brannon, P.C., Certified Public Accountants

"We've used MPG for many years to help screen management and sales candidates. They've developed a full understanding of our business and direction which has enabled them to help us select the types of people we need, especially those who will fit into the culture we've developed in this company over the years. We've relied on their tests and services to give us the people who fit the profile of our company and who contribute to the team concept that has driven our growth. I'd recommend them without hesitation. This service is well worth the cost and has been an integral part of our hiring and promotion process for many years. They're professional, accurate and responsive."
Steve Kendall, CEO
EIS Services

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