Like Steve Jobs once said, “Learn constantly. There’s always something to be learned.” HR professionals know this more than anyone else. With the changes in laws regarding labor, new workplace trends, and the different preferences and personalities of employees you are working with, staying ahead of your game is a regular study.

To aid you in your journey to mastery, We’ve selected some of the most popular recent releases and some classic HR books that ought to have on any HR professional’s desk. We’ve compiled a list of books that will help you develop your abilities, stay up with the latest trends, and benefit from different perspectives.

The Basic HR Books Every Pro Should Keep on Their Desk

The perennial bestseller is the one that most HR professionals turn to when they need to answer a question or when a question arises. Updated in 2020, it provides knowledge and guidance on every HR issue, such as firing, hiring employees, managing a diverse employee pool, establishing compensation plans, and staying clear of legal traps. Discover the best practices to help you find talented employees, build positive relations between managers and employees, and deal with HR issues in today’s complicated business world.

The Big Book of HR

The Big Book of HR covers almost every subject that falls under the umbrella of HR. Technologies for today’s digital workplaces? Check. Equity, diversity, and inclusion? Check. Strategy for employee development? Check! Whether you’re just starting in HR or looking to refresh your knowledge of the fundamentals, this book is an excellent resource to keep at hand.

Free Resource: The HRIS Buyer’s Guide

Making the right choice for an HRIS can be a difficult choice. To make it easier, BambooHR created an in-depth guide that gives a thorough overview of the all-in-one HRIS and guidelines for selecting the best HRIS for your company.

HR Books to Help You Curate Culture

Nowadays, employees want modern workplaces to be inclusive and diverse. This book on HR will show how you can strengthen your workplace by fostering better communication between those with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs. Learn how to utilize the Diversity Icebreaker tool, which has helped more than 250,000 people worldwide overcome barriers and create trust and unity. This book was designed to help organizations of every size and industry to manage and maintain diverse teams.

By Kursat Ozenc and Margaret Hagan

This HR guide can help you view your workplace from a fresh perspective by looking at rituals. A ritual is a practice carried out precisely the same way wn a particular sinting. It can be as easy as a standup meeting every day in the workplace or as extravagant as a graduation ceremony at a university. Ozenc and Hagan assert that rituals hold extraordinary power in the workplace, allowing them to enhance the quality of life and build lasting bonds between individuals. Based on extensive research, this guide will show how rituals can change an organization’s culture and achieve goals, encourage creativity, boost teamwork, and change negative behavior with positive practices.

By Patti Perez

The title speaks for itself. Shortly, many companies will have to deal with these challenging issues that could result in lower morale, a dysfunctional culture, and, in some instances, legal enforcement. This book on HR can help you avoid and anticipate all kinds of workplace mishaps and be prepared with solutions. Find simple, effective ways to improve the health of your workplace, enhance compliance training and be more effective in communicating about sensitive issues at work and other crucial capabilities.

By Erica Keswin

In a time when technology can be a barrier to communication and makes it more crucial than ever to cultivate solid human connections at work. A Wall Street Journal bestseller, The book places humans in person into human resources. It shows you how to make your workplace more pleasant and provides inspiring examples from real life. Learn to recognize and build relationships at work in ways that will assist your business and everyone within it to thrive.

By Bretton Putter

What do the most successful companies have to say about their culture? And what can we take from their experiences? This book examines the most popular culture decks of Netflix, LinkedIn, Etsy, and many other companies to help you create a culture that can help your company and employees reach their full potential.

Creating Introvert-Friendly Workplaces: How to Unleash Everyone’s Talent and Performance

If your work culture values employees’ performance primarily via loud and visible means such as shouting, your most influential employees could be yelling internally. This isn’t the only way that your workplace might disadvantage introverted employees. This book will give hints on creating an environment suitable for everyone’s personality type.

People Processes: How Your People Can Be Your Organization’s Competitive Advantage

This HR book describes the things BambooHR and BambooHR have known for a long time and that technology can help HR professionals paperwork and allow them to concentrate on helping others to be outstanding and happy employees. Find out how HR software can simplify onboarding, payroll, benefits reports, compliance, etc. Then, follow a step-by-step plan that guides you from finding facts to implementing HR management systems within 100 days.

People Analytics for Dummies

“Dummies” books are famous for making complex topics easy to comprehend. This volume is no different. It provides various vital tools for people analytics and techniques for creating a pleasant workplace. It will explain how data can assist you in determining which employees to recruit and where to allocate resources, what can increase the motivation and engagement of employees as well as how to ensure that employees are satisfied and happy, and much more. If you want to make crucial personal decisions based on the facts rather than your gut feeling, This book is worthwhile to consider.

The New HR Leader’s First 100 Days

Though it’s geared towards helping HR professionals taking on new positions get up and to the ground, this HR guide will assist anyone, whether veteran, new generalist, c-level, or even a-level, to impact their company. Alan Collins, former VP of Human Resources at PepsiCo, offers strategies for creating strong first impressions, gaining the trust of business leaders, and much more.

Talent Keepers: How Top Leaders Engage and Retain Their Best Performers

How do you find and retain great employees even when the competition is so fierce? What can you do to inspire your employees? Are you making enough changes to adapt to a changing workforce? In this book on HR, you’ll find evidence-based answers and tried-and-tested strategies to launch a plan to inspire your workforce and ensure that you keep the most influential employees engaged in your business.

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