Treating an employee-employer dynamic merely as a transactional relationship is no longer a sustainable practice. Unfortunately, a fat paycheck is not enough to retain hard-working employees. You want your employees to have a sense of belongingness and make them feel like they’re a part of a family. No amount of monetary benefits can replace this.

So when it comes to bringing the organisation together, team building activities for corporates has gained widespread popularity. Are you on the fence about introducing team building activities to your firm? In this post, we are summarising the importance of team building activities. Let’s begin.

Improves Communication

Team activities push all the members of a team to work towards one shared goal. In order to coordinate their efforts and achieve this goal, they must effectively communicate with each other. Such activities help break the ice and improve verbal and non-verbal communication among team members.

A  team-building activity is a powerful tool to improve communication. It allows employees to put aside their differences and work on a common goal.

Leadership Skills

Often team building activities encourage employees to take on the responsibility of leading a team. Different activities demand different leadership styles. With the help of team building activities, you can identify and bring out these skills in your employees. This is an excellent way to scout future leaders for your organisations.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Most employees work with each other rather than work in isolation. This requires them to become good collaborators for the overall growth of the company. An individual employee could be a talented worker, but learning how to work in a team is an important skill to learn. Planned team building activities help them learn each other’s strengths and use that to accomplish team goals.

Networking & Bonding

Starting a new job can feel very much like starting at a new high school. You’re the new kid without any friends. Team building activities take care of this. They break the initial barrier and first interaction awkwardness between new employees. They get a chance to freely bond and network with their coworkers.

Boosts Confidence

Working hard for something and achieving it gives an instant confidence boost. Team building activities offer plenty of such opportunities. The employees get a chance to showcase their skills and knowledge in a comfortable, fun environment.

Develops Trust

For most people, it’s instinctual to mistrust a new person. Organised team building activities eliminates this feeling and instead helps develop trust. If you have to work with someone, you should be able to trust their judgement, skills and knowledge and vice-versa. Through team exercises, members will be able to grow a deeper connection.

Encourages Creativity

Team building tasks don’t just mean simple ice-breaking activities. These also include mentally and physically demanding activities that spark creativity in employees. Unlike in the workplace, the rules are different for achieving a goal in team-building tasks. Employees are free to use their imagination that gives rise to the most creative solutions.

Introduces Culture

To build a long-lasting relationship, the employees should share the company’s values and vision. Team building activities are a great way to smoothly introduce your company’s culture to your employees. 

Improves Productivity

Companies are always looking for ways to improve workplace productivity. And sometimes the best way to do that is by taking employees into a different environment. Team building tasks revitalises employees and thereby improves their productivity.

It’s Fun

Last but certainly not least, team building activities are incredibly fun! An offsite team-building retreat is a good way to reward your employees after a stressful project. It offers a much-needed break while also bettering your organisation as a whole.

In conclusion, team building activities are crucial for a company’s overall growth and development. 

By Vicki

‘HR Shopper’ has a 10 years of experience in management and HR in top 2 global MNC’s. Understanding the employee needs as well as organization productivity she adopts the techniques that create perfect balance satisfying the needs of both.

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