As a professional in human resources, You strive to remain at the forefront of your profession. You search for new learning methods, communicate with colleagues to discuss best practices, and strive to keep abreast of the constantly changing HR industry. It’s good to know that this task is much easier than ever. There are tons of great HR blogs available to keep you up to date with the most recent changes within the industry.

Here at Biteable, we have a responsibility to help people get things done in the workplace. This is why an index of the most beneficial human resources blogs was essential. Some wrote them of the most brilliant HR minds in the field; these blogs should be a part of every professional’s toolkit.

Selecting the best blogs for your toolkit

With all the wonderful HR blogs on the web, it isn’t easy to decide where to begin. (So many blogs with too limited time!) To help you decide which one to follow, we have organized our list according to subject categories.

For a start, we recommend choosing a blog about human resources and a specific HR blog focused on your particular job or the skills you wish to build more thoroughly.

Additionally, you should review the minimum “HR blog written from the trenches.” The experienced professionals behind the blog posts in this section are engrossed in the challenges of today’s workplace. This will be invaluable, particularly if you’re part of an HR department of just one. It’s like having a cup of coffee with a skilled colleague.

So, without more ado, here are our top picks of the best HR blogrolls to improve your human resource skills.

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The top blogs cover all human resources

From benefits to recruitment to company culture, resource blogs cover everything.


Every HR professional must bookmark this blog: The folks at Justworks provide 24/7 assistance to small and medium-sized businesses facing real-world HR issues. Simply put, they’ve probably dealt with the whole spectrum. They also blog about it on their blog.

The HR topics discussed on the website cover everything from managing employee health insurance benefits to reducing stress in the workplace and everything in between. In addition, this blog has HR video clips, which we consider excellent.

constructed in

Every HR professional should follow this blog: While not technically an HR-related site, Built In offers a wealth of information for those working in the startup and tech space who face unique workplace issues. HR professionals in this field will appreciate Built In’s posts about company culture and advancement in the workplace, Diversity and Inclusion, employee engagement, and much more.


Every HR professional should read this blog: Bamboo bills itself as “HR software with heart, ” which is apparent in its writing. Their emphasis on “people, not processes” is evident in their article topics such as empathy and leadership and human beings as the underlying factors of health and business.

It’s not hard to find posts that go into the nitty-gritty issues, so we have included this blog under our “all things HR” category. If you’re looking for articles written by people who adhere to a “people first” mentality, it’s a good option.

ZenInside Blog

Who wrote it: This HR blog is provided by the team at Zenefits, which is a platform for software that covers HR, including payroll, benefits, and benefits.

Every HR professional should keep this blog in mind: Spend a few minutes looking through the Zenefits blog, and you’ll find numerous mentions of “the new world of work.” This human resources blog addresses current — and at times sensitive — topics straightforwardly, including female equality inside the C-suite and practical steps to adopt to ensure racial equity in the workplace.


Who wrote it: Jessica Miller-Merrell, an employee change agent focused on recruiting talent and human resources.

Every HR professional should keep this blog in mind that Jessica has spent most of her time working with businesses on HR-related issues, so she is an expert in her field. Formerly called The Recruiter’s Lounge, This HR blog was initially focused solely on recruiting talent; however, it has since expanded. The expanded offerings are worth reading.


Who is the author: The experts at Namely, an HR software platform providing “everything you need to build a better workplace.”

Why every HR professional should keep this blog in mind: This award-winning blog is essential reading for every HR professional. It covers everything from benefits to the talent pool and even compliance. We’re particularly anticipating Namely’s upcoming series, Ask HR. They are currently seeking anonymous questions on “HR curveballs.”


Who is the author: The experts behind the Society for Human Resource Management, a membership-based organization offering tools and resources, networking, and HR professionals with certifications.

Why each HR professional should follow the blog: It is brought to us by the people behind HR magazine. this human resources blog is an engaging roundtable discussion featuring some of the most brilliant experts in this field. SHRM members write each blog post. Many of them are certified by SHRM and have plenty of experience to give away.

The advantage of having an HR blog entirely populated by guest blog posts is that SHRM can provide information from various perspectives. This allows readers to gain knowledge from a variety of perspectives.

Recruitment and Hiring blogs

The need for hiring and recruiting in modern workplaces isn’t a joke, especially given the increasing trend toward remote teams. These HR blogs can help you stay on top of the latest developments.

Undercover Recruiter

Who is the author: A team of staff writers and HR experts with occasional guest articles.

Why every HR professional should follow the blog This blog is full of content that is not just targeted at recruiters, hiring managers, and job seekers. If you’re looking for a comprehensive overview of everything related to hiring, this blog is essential.

The HR blog also provides plenty of information on employer branding and podcasts with the same title. It’s a significant supplement to the content particularly in the current labor market.

The Tim Sackett Project

Who wrote it: Tim Sackett, an HR professional with 20 years of experience and impressive experience in recruiting and recruiting talent.

Why every HR professional should keep this blog in mind: This HR blog is fun, with abundant recruitment information. Tim has earned his stripes through his time in the trenches and later became a recruitment consultant and sought-after keynote speaker. It’s well worth reading.

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