HR has witnessed everything in the last year, from fighting the infamous Great Resignation to being accused of ghosting applicants. We are now aware of the strategic capabilities involved in controlling remote workers, increasing employee productivity, and even (hopelessly) trying to improve retention. There isn’t any predetermined method to break the above code. There are, however, voices from many authors, leaders, advisors, experts, and experts who go to great lengths to offer unique opinions.

Inspired by the opinions of various curators, we are thrilled to share a round-up of our top HR-related blogs for 2023. It would be best if you were sure to.

Cultural influence and the workplace: Collectivism vs. individualism

“Culture influences behavior and is therefore significant to the performance of an organization.” The blog outlines the stark differences between the two most popular workplace cultures: individualist and collectivist. It explores both cultures by focusing on their impact on a team or an individual. Do you think collaboration is your best weapon?

Eight things that hiring supervisors need to be aware of regarding the experience of candidates.

To draw the top talent to the company, employers must create the perfect experiences for candidates that job seekers will appreciate. “Candidates want to know about tips to crack an interview, and how to ask the right questions, and other pressing details that recruiters want them to know.” The employees and hiring managers do not address the lack of follow-up messages following the interview, which is a frequent complaint from applicants. What else can you do?

The end of spreadsheets, as well as the rise of human analytics

Spreadsheets are no longer sustainable in the ever-changing workplace. When HR processes are used to shift from spreadsheets to paper records, it’s time to use cloud-based individual analytics solutions to replace them. However, why aren’t spreadsheets optimized to handle the demands of complicated HR processes? What is the best people analytics best way to go?

You can access the outcomes of the war raging between people analytics and spreadsheets.

How do you hire someone you haven’t talked with in person?

Automattic’s founder, Automattic, conducted the interview rounds for his company through online chats with job candidates not knowing their backgrounds and genders. Blinkist, a German-based company, gives job seekers the outline of their job they should anticipate before each interview, along with a list of people and sources to help them prepare.

What are the benefits of hiring via chat on the internet? What are the names and sources used by Blinkist for prospective candidates?

A quick guide to a successful process of recruitment

“What makes the recruitment process effective?” There’s no better method to determine this than sifting through an extensive recruitment guide packed with practical tips.

18 characteristics of an ideal boss

If you are in a leadership position or want to become an administrator, evaluating your strengths is vital to managing an entire team. You’ve probably heard numerous stories of bosses being abrasive, SCR, eating, and throwing tantrums at their employees. It is possible to identify the traits that make an ineffective boss with the flick of an eye. It is not easy to create the ideal personality traits for a boss. However, some have discovered how to motivate and inspire employees.

Six common causes of communication issues at work

Yellow Pages made a mistake of a silly nature. Yellow Pages incorrectly promoted the Korean food Bibimbap within one of its advertisements. The lack of contextual knowledge led to negative consequences in the history of Yellow Pages. What can this episode learn from confusion at the workplace?

Retention warning signs: How to recognize warning signals

“Retention isn’t just about keeping employees happy with half-measures as appreciation; it’s about retaining talent and ensuring that the best people stay with the organization as long as possible.” When highly valued employees quit, It’s not unusual for employers to wonder why they didn’t see the signals.

The Modern Guide to Performance Management

Present-day performance monitoring is a cutting-edge, dynamic procedure requiring a solid and efficient solution. It is a transition from insufficient and inaccurate data to having real-time information on various metrics such as attendance, performance, and the opinions of colleagues and managers. You now require a well-designed performance management system manual to guide you through understanding how the system operates.

Do candidates need to fill in their resumes… yet?

Why do job applicants have to fill in their resumes again, even after uploading them? Another day is wasted reviewing every detail already included on your resume. “Was the resume even necessary in the first place?” What makes online job applications so tricky, frustrating, and burdensome? The question has been raised many times over the years. But this time, there’s a legitimate solution to the problem.

Seven benefits of employing software for employee engagement

Many people believe that satisfaction with work and satisfaction among employees are similar. The difference (the different) is the difference between “It’s my work, and I have to do it — I am satisfied with my work” and “I love to do my work and then contribute and learn more in the organization — I feel engaged and involved.”‘ Software for employee engagement employs AI and machine learning to get the pulse of employee satisfaction. It also assists in identifying factors that have the most positive or negative effect on your business.

The top 6 mistakes that managers make in 1-on-1 meetings

“What’s the status of “ABC”?” is among the issues managers should avoid doing during one-on-one sessions. Inattention: not paying enough attention to the forum, changing schedules, canceling, etc. What else can be included as mistakes managers make in the 1-on-1 session?

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