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Employees in a place spend most of their time inside the office premises! Thus, the various factors in the workplace affect your worker’s productivity and behavior largely. Mostly, it is the physical aspect of the workplace which has a great influence on your employees and the work they do, and also their mood during their working hours. Consequently, it affects their end product, their relationship with each other, etc. These include the temperature at the office, the colors, air quality, and lighting and even the cleanliness in the office. In a nutshell, the overall ambiance impacts your employees’ progress and productivity.

You may be thinking of creating a beautiful ambiance in your office in order to increase the performance of your employees. But this isn’t everything. There’s more to it than just investing in the beautiful furniture or a pleasant interior. Your employees can feel unexpectedly uncomfortable even in a beautifully done set-up because of certain factors or may feel absolutely motivated to work even in a minimalistic office set-up. Why? Because there are various minute aspects that can impact them largely, of which a lot of entrepreneurs aren’t even aware of!

How to Increase Your Employees Productivity? 

Nowadays most of the industries and companies are busy researching the various factors that are affecting their workers’ productivity. And obviously, this study always aims for progress to acquire the same. The most impactful factor influencing the behavior and work strategy of workers has been proved to be the physical surrounding around them. Investing in it not only creates an impressive workplace of yours to attract more customers but also does make your employees happy. Read below the various areas of your workplace that can bring a lot of positivity:

Office Cleaning

No matter if your company is a decade old or you have just got it designed with the latest applications, cleanliness is an absolute must! A dirty and messy environment is enough to turn anyone’s mood off as soon as they enter such premises. If your office always stinks of unpleasant items, there are dustbins overflowing and the carpets are muddy, stained and dirty, you just couldn’t blame your employees for not feeling like working in this ambiance. An unorganized desk and huge untidy piles of files never motivate your workers to work happily! That is why getting Commercial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services done by Flash Cleaning Services does the magic! They’ll clean up the entire office area for you making it glow with tidiness. A regular contract with them would prevent your office space to get messy and disorganized again. In addition, an extra focus in decluttering your office of worn-out documents and papers and getting rid of extra items (old tattered furniture, malfunctioning gadgets etc.) would also create a pleasant physical surrounding for your workers.

Working Environment

There has been the application of sensors on the desks of the workers in various companies to understand the time spent by the employees on it. But surprisingly, it hardly recorded a fifty percent average time out of the whole day. Today’s generation loves to work on the go, rather than be seated in a specific place for the same. They love to take along their work in the balcony, in the garden area, the terrace space, etc. You can study that specific most favorite area of your employees and invest in that space to make it a bit more comfortable and beautiful. 

How To Be Beautiful

Your office just isn’t restricted to the desks of the employees or their cabins. There are even other parts too in the space that can be termed as a workplace for your employees and impact their motivation. You should try adding those motivational frames on the lobby walls, change the seating to something comfortable and relaxing, redo the canteen setting in a pleasant manner change the wall colors or just go for designer wallpapers, add more lights to the place, ensure clean and functional restrooms with basic amenities – just imagine yourself in their shoes, and take care of their comfort. Some companies even arrange for babysitting facilities so that parents can focus on work instead of fretting about their babies out of sight. Your employees would love the positive vibes that comes with the bright and happy change in the place, and obviously their productivity improves for the better. 

The major aspect to remember when investing in the physical environment at the workplace is that your employees should feel like entering into an exciting place to work. It should motivate and inject positivity in them. Though the work may be a routine, but the ambiance should bridge the gap! Try these, and feel the positive change in your office and in its ambiance! And of course in your employees. 

By Vicki

‘HR Shopper’ has a 10 years of experience in management and HR in top 2 global MNC’s. Understanding the employee needs as well as organization productivity she adopts the techniques that create perfect balance satisfying the needs of both.

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