"I believe that there's... a dangerous complacency about innovation amongst people in the world these days. That complacency threatens to leave companies behind in a world that will continue to change rapidly."
-Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO,
speaking at a conference in Silicon Valley in October of 2003

Free Seminar Worth $3,000

Consider a *Free Metapoint seminar - for HR execs

Polishing the Stone: Coaching the Middle Manager

          Are the mid-level supervisors, department heads and directors in your company prepared for their roles and responsibilities? To be effective, they must learn how to think strategically, individualize their management style and cultivate 'soft' leadership skills. Through this seminar, your middle manager will learn to:

Balance listening and telling
Write a memo that prompts reflection and action
Present to groups of peers and subordinates
Instigate a corporate initiative
Inject creativity into your department
Give subordinates a sense of velocity and direction
Cultivate talent and successors


*Metapoint will deliver a free seminar at your location with 100 or more employees.
Travel costs extra.

Well into the second chapter of the Interactive Era, growth is possible — but HR execs must be willing to be the
‘lead dog.’

Metapoint’s Judy Stoehr and Lynn Hinderaker represent the leading edge in today’s consulting scene. They believe the HR department is the ‘tipping point’ in corporate revitalization. You can engage them as speakers, seminar facilitators, organizational therapists and executive coaches. Their creativity and whole-brained management vision will give you a

Clear Path Forward.

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“Ideas and enthusiasm...I’m already noticing a difference. Thanks for transforming our company and ensuring its future.”

Inject a new sense of possibility into the culture so that your most productive employees stay.

You can do it!

How does Metapoint help revive strategy and spirit? Scroll and see...
Strategy and Spirit: These two S words are seldom mentioned in the same breath, but in this day and age, market strategy and cultural zeal are interwoven steel girders.
What ‘season’ is your company in? When we help you see ‘where you are,’ you’ll know where to aim for your next cycle of success. Realign to get in sync. Learn strategy from Mother Nature.
How could your company get unstuck? Our candid interviews with employees will reveal productivity opportunities.
“a male and female trainer
What new business models could attract new revenues and new markets? What trends are shaping demand? Our review of over 20 alternative ways to ‘make things happen’ will unleash new hope and optimism about the future.
What could you become as a human being while working here? These questions help your team begin to transform stress into lessons for personal power.
“Judy brings spirit...Lynn brings’s good.”
What should your company stand for in this new era? What are the principles that would flow out of this clarifying focus? This discussion blends top down leadership with grassroots feedback to generate innovation, cohesiveness and vision. Soon, you can answer the question, “What’s the Big Idea?”
Everyday, every employee needs a ‘transcendent’ reason for working that goes beyond earning a paycheck. When workers find that reason deep within themselves, they become engaged. Our process leads them down the path.
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Meld innovation and inspiration.
"New Trends Require a New Human Resource Executive"
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