The main benefits of having employees wear name badges have long been established among various business houses to the extent that they often require nearly all their employees to wear name badges. By getting your employees to wear name badges, you can recreate a friendlier atmosphere and provide your customer rep skills with a much-needed boost as well. It also allows you to monitor the employee and see how he interacts with others. But it should also be pointed out that not everyone is too happy to wear a name badge and more importantly, resist any attempts by the management to get them to wear the same. This is why you need the rest of the article to discover how you can convince your employees to wear name badges– check it out.

Problem Solution

It is time to get a little creative and to that end, you may want to start a little discussion on the topic, with your employees. You may want to list out the various benefits that they would accrue as a result of wearing a badge to work. Find out about why they seem to be against it and see if you can find a solution that’s compatible with everyone. They may take umbrage to the fact that the management wants to pin badges on everyone.


One of the ways to get your other employees to wear their name badges is to praise the ones that are wearing them at the moment. People in general, respond better to praises than they do to criticism. So make sure that they are aware that you have praised them because they wore their respective name badge and you may want to do this in front of those who happen to be against name badges in its entirety.

Have a Contest

If you happen to be running a large organization, then there is one neat trick that you can adopt. You can announce a cash prize or something else for those employees who are wearing their name badges the longest for a single month. This should certainly get more of them to opt to wear the name badge especially if the prize in question happens to be attractive as well. You may also have those who sit out, and ignore the competition altogether and those are the employees that you need to focus on.

Financial Incentives

This is one of the oldest tricks in the corporate world; so if the opposition against name badges seems to be well-entrenched, then it is time that you decided to tackle the issue by another way. You may want to offer those who are opposing your name badges, incentives so that they can withdraw their opposition. The incentive in question can take any form or shape but remember to keep it realistic and within reason since you would not want to be accused later on of bribing others. Just make sure that the concerned employee understands that this is an incentive for withdrawing his opposition and see what happens.

Get Tough

If none of the above work, then it may well be time to get tough with this set of employees. If a particular group of employees wander into the office without their badges, despite several reminders – then it may be time to send them home to collect their requisite badges and then to allow them to come back to work. This may sound like going overboard but given the fact that these employees had deliberately not worn their respective badges, they do deserve this treatment. And after being sent home a couple of times, they would automatically remember their custom made badges as they come to the office.

These are some of the ways by which you can encourage your reluctant employees to start wearing their respective name badges again. Name badges are an essential part of any employee uniform and it enables you to review, monitor and even change the same accordingly. 

By Vicki

‘HR Shopper’ has a 10 years of experience in management and HR in top 2 global MNC’s. Understanding the employee needs as well as organization productivity she adopts the techniques that create perfect balance satisfying the needs of both.

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