A clean, tidy office will make your business more productive and provide a welcoming environment for customers.

Cleanliness is also a way to retain top talent, attract investors and improve your company’s image.

Let’s look at ten essential tips to clean your office.

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  • Keep your paperwork organized

The right storage system can make it easier to reduce stress, improve your work environment and increase morale.

Many storage options are available to help you organize your documents and keep them hidden from view. You can choose from filing cabinets or desk trays.

  • Encourage frequent desk cleaning

Encourage your employees to maintain a tidy desk. Research has shown that low levels of cleanliness can have a negative effect on productivity. Productivity can plummet if clutter builds up.

It is also a smart move to provide staff with hand cleaning gel or tissue to ensure hygiene.

  • Regularly empty the bins

Encourage your employees to get rid of their rubbish by setting up several bins around the office. If there are no bins nearby, rubbish can quickly build up.

Every day, empty your office trash into your outdoor bins.

  • Make sure your bathrooms and toilets are clean

Tip 4: Bugs can be transmitted to your office through the use of the bathroom and toilets. This can lead to increased sickness and lower productivity, which in turn can impact profit margins and productivity. Make sure to disinfect these areas so your employees are healthy.

A professional cleaner can take over these tasks if you are unable to do it yourself.

  • Keep your kitchens clean

After staff finish eating, make sure that food is properly disposed of. It is important to wash sinks, tables, and worktops at least once per day.

It is important to clean the kitchen as well as disinfect it to prevent bugs from spreading.

It is possible to make a reservation for a specific dining area. This will help keep your computer equipment and desks safe from crumbs and spillages.

  • Clean work areas

If work areas aren’t kept tidy and clean, productivity can be severely affected.

It is highly recommended to dust at least once per week. Clean cables that are connected to computers and other equipment. Wipe any stains or dust off of desks as soon you notice them.

  • Take care of your break rooms

Many offices have separate breakrooms or common areas for eating, drinking, and socializing.

You can prevent employees from moving dust from your break area to the main office by keeping it clean.

  • Don’t overlook electronics

Electronic devices and appliances are well-known for their attraction to dust. Dust can quickly build up around monitors, computers and other electronic devices.

These surfaces can be cleaned with soft cloths, dusters, and air dusters. Although disinfectant is effective in eliminating germs from devices such as telephones, it should not be used to clean computers screens.

  • Cleaning of reception area

The reception area of your building is the most important. Clean and well-presented reception areas are important for staff and visitors.

  • If you have any questions, get help

It can be very time-saving to hire professional cleaners who are fully trained. Professional cleaners usually have access to powerful office cleaning tools and can use their skillset to achieve a higher level of cleanliness.

By Vicki

‘HR Shopper’ has a 10 years of experience in management and HR in top 2 global MNC’s. Understanding the employee needs as well as organization productivity she adopts the techniques that create perfect balance satisfying the needs of both.

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