As the world of work continues to evolve, so does the role of human resources.

To remain at the forefront, HR professionals must keep up-to-date with their knowledge and skills.

The good news is that plenty of excellent HR training courses are out there to help them do just that.

While you’re there, please take advantage of the free secret weapon that HR professionals have inside their work kits.

We explore the best HR training courses and resources for 2023. These courses cover various topics, from the basics of human resources to more specialized areas such as employee relations, compliance, and tools.

Whether you are just starting in HR or are looking to brush up on your skills, there is sure to be an in-person or online course on this list that is right for you.

Why is HR Training essential?

Training in HR is essential because it aids HR professionals in improving their professional growth and keeps them informed of the most recent developments on the job. With the ever-changing world of work, HR professionals need to be able to adapt their skills and knowledge to the new landscape. They can learn about the latest trends and best practices by taking human resource training courses. This helps them to provide better support for their employees and organizations.

What are the advantages of an HR-related training course (even being a Human Resources Professional)?

There are many benefits to taking an HR course, even for experienced HR professionals:

HR professionals can provide better support to their organizations and employees.

An HR course can help refresh and update existing knowledge, improving job performance and retention.

By taking an HR training program, professionals can network with other HR practitioners and learn from their experiences.

Best HR Training Courses to Take in 2023

Human CrapitalWhat makes this excellent HR Training? Human Capital is a valuable HR resource that provides many benefits to professional HR professionals looking to grow.

This email newsletter is free and is a reference to avoid embarrassing, uncomfortable, common HR errors and ensures a more effortless professional experience. It also encourages the growth of stronger relationships within the workplace, reducing loneliness and fostering a community of support for HR professionals. Human Capital allows HR professionals to develop their capabilities, increase their knowledge, and flourish in their jobs by providing a safe place for people to express themselves, learn, and meet like-minded others.

The Assist

What makes this an excellent HR Training program? The Assist is a funny weekly newsletter via email that provides tips and tricks, and advice assistants should complete important tasks while growing professionally and personally.

Each issue is carefully curated, concise and relevant information on technologies, empowerment tools, strategies, and more. In addition, it includes personal stories and information gathered directly from a vibrant human resources community. The Assist also provides an extensive support network. You can sign up for The Assist’s newsletter at and then anticipate receiving the newsletter every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

What makes this a great HR Training Course This training course covers various HR subjects and is appropriate for both novices and experienced professionals.

HR Training Center

This is a great HR Training Course that the HR Training Center program is available both on-demand online and in-person classes, making it ideal for busy professionals.

Where can you take this course: HR Training Center; in person.

The time to complete the course is based on the particular system.

LinkedIn Learning

What makes this an excellent training course for HR: LinkedIn Learning offers a range of HR training courses covering a variety of subjects, including the management of talent, performance management, and onboarding new employees- and makes it simple to locate one suitable for you.

Time to complete: Depends on the course.

SHRM Essentials of Human Resources

What makes this a great Human Resources Training course: The SHRM course is designed to help people who are brand new to the field of HR.

Pryor Learning

This is a good Human Resources Training course: Pryor is the one-stop source for affordable and high-quality Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) recertification classes that count hours towards PHR SPHR, PHR, and Recertification for GPHR.

Time to complete: Depends on the course.


What makes this an excellent training course for HR: Udemy will help you find the best HR Training program suitable for your budget and features.

Where to find the course? Udemy Online.

Estimated time to completion: Depends on the course.


This is an excellent Human Resources Training course: Coursera offers almost 800 distinct HR training courses from various institutions. It also makes it easy to determine the kind of training course you’re looking for.


This is why it’s a great training course for HR: Alison’s no-cost classes cover everything from basic HR concepts to more complex issues like managing the effects of changes within an organization’s employees, disciplinary procedures, and the termination of employment.


This is a great Human Resources Training course: AIHR offers the most extensive curriculum of HR training courses. AIHR has members across 140+ countries.

Zoe Talent Solutions

What makes this a great Human Resources Training course: Zoe Talent Solutions offers numerous studies designed to aid in developing abilities in business and HR Management.

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