HR professionals can wear several different hats. Whether you’re a professional or relatively new in the business, you’ve got one thing in common: You’ve got various HR-related tools and sources that you can lean upon as you traverse the various roles.

If you’re looking to hire new employees, seeking inventive methods to improve employee engagement, or discovering new areas in HR, you’ll find the HR resources you require in this article. We’ll explore the latest HR digital sources from thought leaders in HR and professional HR groups and our helpful content. And because we know you’re busy–we’re focusing on digital, read-it-on-your-phone, listen-at-the-grocery store resources.

The 4 Best HR Handbook Examples

How to Start a Social Recruiting Program! How to Approach a Tough Conversation at Work! These are only some of the issues addressed by the handbooks for HR mentioned below. Should you be looking for concern, you’ll likely find an HR handbook to help you answer it.

BambooHR Definitive Guides

The team at BambooHR offers an exclusive look at the challenges HR professionals face daily. Through data analysis and market trends analysis, we’ve compiled a collection of comprehensive guides covering topics such as people analysis, onboarding, performance management, and company culture. These guides are an excellent starting point in exploring these areas or thinking about altering how you currently handle them.

Free Resource: The HRIS Buyer’s Guide

Making the right choice for an HRIS can be a difficult choice. To make it easier, BambooHR created an in-depth guide that offers a complete overview of all-in-one HRIS and suggestions on selecting the best HRIS for your business.

How-To Guides From SHRM

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) offers almost every HR tool you’ll require to succeed in HR and includes an extensive collection of guides. If you want to understand how to create a job description or attract passive job applicants, You’ll find it here.

How-To Guides From HR Bartender

The HR Bartender provides several how-to guides to help with everyday workplace issues. These guides will give tips on how to dismiss employees or manage people who aren’t your favorite. They also cover sensitive topics. You could all require a hand.

Homebase HR Guides

On Homebase, You can access Homebase HR-related resources in the form of guides, checklists, and documents. They cover subjects like job descriptions and guidelines for hiring, worker’s comp forms, and state withholding forms, all essential elements of your job you’ll have to manage quickly and precisely.

7 HR Ebooks to Guide You On Your HR Journey

If you’re in the early stages of the HR process, we couldn’t recommend HR books enough. They’ll give you helpful, complete insights into the daily aspects of your job. Plus, you will find the majority of ebooks at no cost. We looked around and put together a list of the top HR books.

The BambooHR Content Library

You’ll discover excellent downloadable (and free!) HR-related ebooks written by our team and featuring contributions from our incredible partners. It’s not just ebooks; there are also whitepapers, infographics, and other HR-related resources. A few highlights are:

7 Drivers of Employee Engagement.

How to Make Employees Feel Valued at Work.

5 Surefire Ways to Set Goals That Get Results.

Human Resource Management

In this HR-related resource, you’ll discover details on the many components of HR management. Learn about everything from motivation to employee counseling to safety and health at the workplace.

The Call For a More Strategic HR

Harvard Business Review presents The Demand For a More Strategic HR The Way Its Leaders Are Taking the Initiative. Please find out about corporate leaders raising their game in terms of talent and what the HR process of tomorrow will look like.

Talent Management: A Focus on Excellence

The HR world is constantly changing. If you want to stay up-to-date and stay on high performance, this book is essential. It will show you how to use mindset and drive to maximize the performance of your team members.

Human Resources: A Practical Guide

In this guide written by two seasoned HR generalists and bloggers in the field, you’ll find clear HR guidance on a wide variety of topics ranging from issues such as data management to more traditional tips on how to help employees with issues at home.

How to Deal With Staff Who Can’t or Won’t Perform

In any organization, regardless of the management of a business, there will come instances when you have employees who cannot or don’t perform their duties. This book offers suggestions on how best to handle and handle these issues.

Bookboon HR eBooks

Here’s the list of additional HR-related ebooks you can download for free. You can download them in one go for days of reading offline. (Perfect when you’re planning a holiday!)

The 4 Best Resources for HR Webinars

For quick doses of HR-related knowledge, webcasts on HR are the best way. They generally last between 30 minutes to two hours and cover in depth the same topic. Here are a few of our top websites to view HR webinars:

The BambooHR Webinar Library

Our library is constantly growing and includes 120+ webinars on topics that range from diversity in hiring to discussing compensation. In our HR webinars, we collaborate with thought-leaders from the field, experts who are the Marketplace, Marketplace partner companies, and other partners to give you the most comprehensive view of HR-related topics. Webinar Library regularly offers live webinars featuring experts from across the business to help you understand situations from those with similar experiences.

SHRM Webinar Library

You can trust SHRM to be current with the most recent HR trends. Their webinars provide the most current information, such as how to make use of ChatGPT to become an HR professional or how your workforce’s attitudes to mental health.

Bonus Recertification credits by participating in HR webinars hosted by SHRM.

HCI Live Webcasts

Another excellent method of earning recertification credits? Increase the webinars you attend with HCI’s extensive HR webinar library. The content of their webinars covers the most common HR challenges along with current subjects that might come out in discussions with your colleagues.

HR Courses & Certifications to Provide Solid HR Foundations

If you want to advance your profession, HR courses and certifications are among the best tools for professional development accessible. There are a variety of online options that make HR certifications and HR courses simple to access and easy to use.

A word of caution about HR online courses: Many have associated costs ranging from $149 for each class to $6,000 for the entire program.

SHRM HR Certification

If you want a widely recognized program, you should consider SHRM. SHRM sets the bar for HR-related knowledge and provides two HR certifications. SHRM-CP is an entry-level certificate, and SHRM-SCP is for people who hold more senior-level positions.

Human Capital Institute HR Certification

To earn another recognized industry certification, HCI provides HR-related courses and certifications that cover the entire spectrum of people analytics, diversity, and inclusion.

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