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While money is a great motivating factor for many, it is usually not the only one. In fact, in many cases, people are willing to cut their earnings a bit in order to work at a better organisation.Unlike ever before, satisfaction with the job is becoming increasingly important for employees. While a lot of this satisfaction comes from the numbers on their cheques, there are a number of other things they are looking for.A healthy work culture, bonds made with fellow coworkers and a strong company culture are just a few of the things that play a critical role in ensuring employee satisfaction.If you’re wondering what you can do (besides the obvious) to ensure employee satisfaction, and a boost in their morale, here are a few things you should consider

Employee Engagement

All work and no play will make your employees dull. While to some small business owners, employee engagement may feel like an unnecessary investment, the case is quite the contrary.Employee engagement programs help keep the worklife lively, while also subtly contributing to the goals of your organisation.A great example would be that of team building activities or events. If done right, not only are team building events a lot of fun, but they help build cohesion within teams, for better coordination and overall team performance back in the office.

Rewards And Recognition

When efforts are recognized, employees find a reason to try hard. Identifying and recognising individual achievements and efforts will go a long way in building a top performing team. There are two reasons behind the same:When efforts and achievements are recognised, it gives your team members the inspiration to continue to put out great work, and excel at their job.When your employees see the efforts of a teammate being rewarded, even they want to step into their shoes, it’s human nature. Recognising and rewarding extraordinary achievements will create an environment of healthy competition, which will fuel better productivity and efficiency.Apart from the above, rewards and recognition will create a general environment of positivity in the workplace, which is great for productivity and employee satisfaction. Such an environment will give your team members something to look forward to when they come to work every day, which brings us to our next point.

Positive Work Environment

Having a relaxed and welcoming work culture has become increasingly popular with the onset of the startup culture. More businesses are adopting a relaxed approach to the traditional workplace culture.While some are letting employees bring their pets to work, others have adopted a more relaxed dress code and more flexible timings. More businesses are understanding that a relaxed and comfortable environment is essential to fuel creativity and boost productivity.

Challenging Behaviour

A relaxed environment does not equal a workplace that does not challenge your employees to overcome hurdles. By keeping the deadlines tight and the tasks challenging, you will be providing your teams with the necessary mental stimulation required to keep them engaged.Moreover, overcoming said challenged will provide them with a sense of accomplishment, which will inspire them to excel in the future.


In a competitive business environment, the pressure to perform on your employees is more than ever before. It is important to recognise what your teams expect of you, as their leader.It is also important to remember that none of the above mentioned ideas are meant to replace a pay raise. If someone on your team deserves a raise, it is only fair that they receive it. Money is after all, still a great building activities

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‘HR Shopper’ has a 10 years of experience in management and HR in top 2 global MNC’s. Understanding the employee needs as well as organization productivity she adopts the techniques that create perfect balance satisfying the needs of both.

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