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What is eTest?
eTest is a validated pre-employment screening tool. Consisting of a reasoning skills assessment, a vocabulary test, and a personality inventory, eTest measures common-sense traits linked to job behavior.

What does eTest do?
eTest helps improve your company's human capital. Results attributable to pre-employment assessments include: reduced turnover, decreased search costs, and better performance.

I'm confused. What good is a personality test?
Validated personality tests that measure job-specific traits have been consistently proven to be predictive of success on the job. What does this mean to the hiring manager? By using a personality assessment as part of the screening process -- and by correctly interpreting those results -- managers can be assured of hiring individuals with the aptitudes, personality, management and work style, and growth potential to further the goals and vision of the company. In short -- better employees.

Is it legal?
Yes, personality testing, as a means of screening for a position, is legal. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has concerned itself with pre-employment tests that discriminate against legally protected groups such as minorities, women, and over-forty candidates. A properly designed assessment should be culturally-neutral, providing quality assessments regardless of the applicant's race, background, age, and culture. In fact, personality testing usually has less adverse impact than any other selection technique.

Cover yourself! Always, always, always ask for statistical validation documentation on an assessment instrument before using it in an employment environment to help make selection decisions.

Does eTest do skills testing?
We can provide information about the factors which enable people to develop skills, but we do not test or develop tests for specific skills. Our specialty is psychology -- thus, the personality and aptitude focus.

How is eTest different than other personality tests?
We believe that the way our test was developed places us in a league of our own. eTest was developed by Management Psychology Group, a professional industrial-organizational psychology firm based in Atlanta, GA. Our test was developed from testing and interviewing over 14,000 business people over a 10-year period. Our statistical models, based on a massive amount of real-world performance data in conjunction with accepted psychological theories, have helped eTest become one of the strongest personality assessments available on the market.

Is eTest a valid predictor of job performance?
Yes. We have gathered performance data for years, and have developed empirical scales to predict performance in a wide range of areas.

What types of jobs does eTest screen for?
Many companies position their tests as industry-specific tests. eTest is valid across all industries. eTest was designed using both accepted psychological principles and a wealth of data -- and measures specific characteristics proven to be indicative of on-the-job success in a broad range of jobs. The key is not the test you use, but the way that you interpret its results. To date, we have developed specific scales related to leadership, sales, individual performer positions (such as programmers, technical writers, etc...), management, customer service, technical, creative, and administrative jobs. As always, our on-staff psychologists are available to help you interpret the eTest results in light of your specific job needs and to help you develop predictive scales unique to your company.

How long does the test take?
The eTest battery takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

How do I get results?
When you register as a client, you will specify an email address where we should forward your candidate's test results. All results will be forwarded to that email address. No results are sent directly to the candidate.

How long does it take to get the test results?
You will receive the test results within minutes of your candidate completing the assessment.

How much does eTest cost?
We charge a per-assessment fee for the use of eTest services. The standard rate is $150 per assessment. There are no set-up fees to establish an account. For companies who expect to use more than 20 eTests per month, custom pricing plans can be developed to reflect expected volume, customized reporting needs, recruiter training, and customer service requirements.

Can eTest be customized?
Yes. eTest development and customization is provided by Management Psychology Group in Atlanta, GA. For more information, email us at and one of our psychologists will be in touch shortly.

How do I sign up?
Click on "Sign Up" to the left and complete the form on the next page. That's all there is to it. Within one business day you will receive an email with your client code and password, allowing you to begin using eTest services immediately.

How will I be billed?
You will be invoiced monthly.

Can I test a candidate who lives in a different city?
Yes! That's the beauty of online testing. You can have a candidate located anywhere in the world with Internet access take the test and the results will come directly to you. The eTest user control panel provides an easy way to set up remote user access, providing the candidate with a Client Code and password so that they can complete the eTest battery at their leisure. Please note, however, that as a result of the tests being completed in an unproctored environment, any references to vocabulary should be ignored when reviewing the results for remote candidates. 

What do I do if a candidate asks me for results of his/her test?
We do not recommend that you share the Interview Guide with the candidate. If you wish to provide the candidate with results, select both the Interview Guide and the Development Guide in the report field when setting up the test. You can print the results and pass the Development Guide on to the candidate.

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