The work environment is rapidly changing across all industries, and HR departments must be able to adjust to the changing climate.

Twenty years ago, it was easy for job applicants to visit a place of business and submit an application, and sometimes even be interviewed on the spot. But as applying for jobs grows more automated, the hiring and onboarding process is more complex.

So, how does your HR department stay on top of it?

Human Resources is at the central point of any company. It’s typically the first contact point that applicants are confronted with when applying for jobs, and it’s the first point employees or managers can go to when they have an issue or have a question.

This is why creating a blog in your HR department could be very beneficial. It could be a platform to introduce new guidelines, best practices, and suggestions to your talent pool. Blogs can help you provide answers to questions for candidates and employees and candidates, but they can also help alleviate many of the emails and phone calls that your office receives frequently.

What can be the subject of your writing?

There are a myriad of exciting blog topics for HR departments. It is possible to write on everything, including onboarding, effective management practices, and the best ways to deal with terminations and HR-related issues.

For a start for a good start, take a review of sixty blog topic suggestions for HR departments of all sizes.

Top 10 Ways to Show Appreciation

Show gratitude is one of the most effective methods to ensure employees feel satisfied and comfortable in their work. Make use of this blog article to encourage managers to express appreciation in innovative ways. If it’s by giving small gifts or creating the perfect award for employees, they will demonstrate loyalty to managers and companies who acknowledge their efforts.

Dealing With a Bad Boss or Bad Manager

Being faced with a boss who is not happy could leave the most content of employees feeling frustrated working. To ease the burden, give employees some tips on managing difficult bosses. Offer suggestions on how they can understand each other, increasing their ability to handle concerns and issues.

How to Ensure that Your Employer and Applicant Data Secure

The topic of compliance is a hot issue at the moment. One of the top HR blogs to discuss compliance is data security. Employers and job seekers are concerned much more about privacy than ever before. So, take this chance to shed information on how organizations can ensure their HR databases are safe.

What Great Managers Do Differently

This blog topic idea offers HR departments an opportunity to clarify what differentiates good managers from average ones. Based on the company’s statistics or other information gathered occasionally, please write an article highlighting your most successful managers and how they have achieved outstanding outcomes.

Should Your Company Take a Stand on Political Issues?

This blog concept allows your business to be seen as a thought leader. Certain companies engage in political debates, but others do not. This article will help you explore why a business should not hire in politics.

Everyday Life at [Your Company]

Employees within and outside the organization are frequently interested in what goes on in life looks for your employees. Even those with routine jobs can be fascinating. This article can reveal an exciting career or job you plan to pursue soon.

How to Build a Winning Internship Program

Many companies have interns. However, few have outstanding internship programs. Check out your experiences and the success stories from other companies to provide practical suggestions on creating a top-quality internship program. It could be any mentoring program, the discovery day, and office exchanges.

Build a Strategic Framework: Mission Statement, Vision, and Values

The company’s vision, mission, and values set the basis for how the business behaves in dealing with customers and internally among employees. However, establishing the ideal strategy for your company is lengthy and tedious. Provide clear guidelines on the essential elements of a sound strategic framework and encourage your readers to develop their corporate culture and mission.

Manager’s Guide to Managing Corporate Layoffs and Downsizing

Going through layoffs and downsizings is difficult for everyone involved, particularly the front-line managers who have to conduct these uncomfortable meetings with team members. Create a helpful guide for managers to deal with this issue gracefully.

Exit Interview Questions That Aren’t a Waste of Time

Exit interviews may feel like an unnecessary time-waster for the involved parties. However, these interviews could offer valuable long-term insight for your HR department. Ensure managers are aware of the right questions to ask during these exit interviews to ensure that you don’t lose this vital interaction.

Facebook Recruiting Guide

Many people utilize Facebook for personal reasons; however, there are ways companies can utilize Facebook to recruit. Offer a reference for your local teams to follow when they look into ways to use Facebook as a tool for recruitment.

How to Get Your Team Out of a Creative Rut

One of the HR department’s responsibilities is to empower teams to perform at their best, and that’s not just about the ability to think creatively! Write a piece on how couples can break out of their creativity rut and return to coming up with new ideas.

10 Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Office Birthdays

Depending on how big your workplace is, it’s unlikely to be able to celebrate every employee’s birthday with a massive celebration or get-together. There are various inexpensive ways to make your employees feel happy on their birthdays. Try satisfied hour celebrations for birthdays every month and a birthday-themed bulletin board, birthday video, or birthday e-cards.

5 Benefits You Can Give Employees that won’t break the bank

The battle for talent is growing more fierce each day, and the most minor things can often have an impact. Rewards like flexible working schedules, establishing a recreation space, or constructing an area for a community garden are among the many ways to benefit your employees that can have a significant impact.

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