Troublemaking Workplace Hazards

We know a workplace may be prone to a number of dangerous situations. Some professions have typical hazards attached to their modus operandi. These may vary from fire to electrical shock, from chemical leakages to sudden fall or tripping from a height, and so much more! As a supervisor, it’s your duty to look after all these issues in detail, and be aware of the dangers likely to happen in the work zone. Preventing the same is but natural, and needed too!

Even as a worker, it’s your basic responsibility to take extra care about these dangerous factors, which may, in turn, prove extremely dangerous to you and your peers. Falling prey to them may even have passive consequences on your family. There are various rules laid by the officials to ensure workers’ safety, and you can take advantage of the same, and make sure that the higher authorities are taking care of the preventive measures to overcome such dangerous situations in your work area.

Workplace Safety

Most of the time, best efforts are made to avoid all the dangerous risk factors in a work area. But there may be cases where either it is taken too lightly by the employees, and also sometimes employers or the cost and time needed to install the preventive measures are too high creating an inhibition to apply them. Also, sometimes there is a lack of awareness about the issues. But the consequences are always the same, damage of property and human life — which can never be ignored or labeled as something nominal or negligible. Do read below about the disastrous workplace mishaps that can prove really hazardous to you:

Sound Control

Noise above the normal level is always dangerous. NIHL – Noise-induced hearing loss — is mostly caused due to continuous exposure to noise above the stipulated level. This is largely common in industries and factories where the workers are unfortunately exposed to the constant loud noise of the machinery. There can also be risks of tinnitus, which is a constant ringing sound in the ears because of this noise. These dangers can impact your work a lot, and also your personal life and wellbeing. It’s better to use the Sound level meter in Australia from Belcur Monitoring Services. They have got the best devices to measure the sound proximity in your workplace and provide a safer environment for your employees to work in.

Chemical Hazard

An industry or a factory often has a lot of usage of harmful chemicals and acids to manufacture products. These can cause a lot of breathing problems, lung diseases and skin allergies to the workers dealing with it. In some extreme cases, incidents of burning have been reported too. You certainly don’t want any such kind of mishaps to happen at your workplace. This can be avoided by proper exhaust fans installed in this area. Also, the workers can wear proper face masks, gloves and uniforms to avoid any kind of burns or effects of chemicals on them.


Do you remember the 90’s breaking news — about a poor worker getting his hands or wrists cut by a sudden mishap with the machinery in the factory?! These cases still do happen, but due to different reasons. Those harmful machines have now been banned and you hardly find them in any industry. But there are still lots of sharp blades, machines, and objects used in a company that can give the workers a really serious cut. This means you have to be very particular about them being carefully trained to work with the equipment, and also make them use the right kind of gear to prevent any kind of injuries.

Fire Hazards

Fire is the most serious and common kind of danger in any place. Not only it can cost the lives of the workers, but it also can destroy the whole factory and empire within hours. Using preventive measures against fire is extremely necessary for all kinds of workplaces. Always make sure you have installed fire alarms, fire extinguishers and also have that fire exit gateway clutter-free for emergency exit. You can also use those fireproof uniforms available for your workers if they are exposed to fire and heat for a long time during the day. Fire drills and information about fire safety should be imbibed to the workers. 

A workplace provides daily bread to many workers and a great profit to the company. But the same can take only seconds to destroy the lives of the workers and the name of the company due to the above dangers. Always ensure you are prepared against them to avoid any such kind of loss! 

By Vicki

‘HR Shopper’ has a 10 years of experience in management and HR in top 2 global MNC’s. Understanding the employee needs as well as organization productivity she adopts the techniques that create perfect balance satisfying the needs of both.

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