The HR blogs are sites that discuss how to manage the workplace. Most often, they are created by HR specialists or those working in management; the best HR blogs contain tips on improving employees’ productivity and increasing engagement and offer insights into management decisions that will help employees improve their careers.

The HR professional can enhance their skills by improving their human resource aspects, attending HR-related events, and reading books on HR.

Blogs on HR

From the humorous and sarcastic to the factual and informative, there are numerous blogs on HR-related topics you can browse through. These are the top 10 recommendations for the top HR-related blogs.

Evil HR Lady

It is structured as a column with a response and question as “Dear Abby.” Evil HR Lady is an entertaining blog where Suzanne Lucas answers reader-submitted questions in concise, precise posts. Based on her experiences working in the HR field, Lucas advises readers on how to manage their work from the perspective of an HR manager.

HR Bartender

HR Bartender is a blog featuring long-form listicle-style posts. The blog is owned by Sharlyn Lauby, an HR professional working for a leader training firm. The blog utilizes an edgy bar theme to convey an accessible tone and offer solid tips. Due to this, the blog is casual yet knowledgeable, covering topics such as employee engagement, leadership, and career advice issues.

Fistful of Talent

Fistful of Talent features content composed by a variety of contributors. Although multiple contributors create less cohesive information, readers can benefit from diverse perspectives. Alongside providing information on HR issues, the blog’s posts contain information on the HR field and updates on how companies use HR.


TINYpulse is the official blog of the popular employee engagement software. The blog’s best feature is its written and informative information. It addresses readers with an authoritative tone across more than 1,000 posts. The blog is a prominent opinion leader in the field. If you’re working in HR and are in HR, you’d be foolish to ignore the statistics-based content of TINYpulse.

The HR Capitalist

Written by the HR professional who started Fistful of Talent, The HR Capitalist presents the opinion of Kris Dunn in an informal style. On The blog of Kris Dunn, Kris talks about current HR issues. He also offers more informal advice about life and the situation of HR. This makes The HR Capitalist an enjoyable read.

Laurie Ruettimann

With short blog posts, Laurie Ruettimann’s blog also features interviews with top HR professionals. Most of the time, these posts follow the form of Laurie seeking out a colleague within the HR field about a particular topic and then explaining her friend’s perspective. This format makes Laurie’s blog posts brief and concise, resulting in simple reads drawn from various opinions.

Ask a Manager

Ask a Manager is a blog in which Alison Green answers reader-submitted questions and offers practical advice in a relaxed tone. The most exciting thing is that Alison isn’t an HR manager. She was instead the head of staff at an organization, and her suggestions are meant to provide insight into managers’ thoughts and how to handle employees at work.


Namely, it is the blog of the HR technology platform with an identical name. Short: The articles provide the best knowledge about HR, payroll benefits compliance, talent, and benefits. With easy-to-digest information, it is an excellent HR resource for anyone looking to understand and improve their workplace.


Workology’s mission is to offer an innovative and thought-provoking approach to HR and recruitment. With articles written by various contributors, This blog is a great place to get tips on everything from advice on lifestyle to improving your leadership skills or establishing an inclusive environment. The well-written and informative articles on Workology provide a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in HR.

Final Thoughts

Through reading blogs, any HR professional can stay informed of the latest trends and learn new techniques to make their business run more efficiently. These blogs provide valuable information and different perspectives that can assist HR professionals in managing workplace issues more efficiently.

By Vicki

‘HR Shopper’ has a 10 years of experience in management and HR in top 2 global MNC’s. Understanding the employee needs as well as organization productivity she adopts the techniques that create perfect balance satisfying the needs of both.

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