When Relocating Office

If you are planning to relocate your office to a new location, then you should know that it could well be a stressful period. There are various issues you need to check out, but above all, you should ensure that your staff remains safe and sound, during the move. It is not just a case of packing up all the files and folders and shipping them to the new location. Just make sure that there are no untoward accidents during the move and that the relocation goes through without a hitch. Just check out the following suggestions,

Safety Tips During Office Relocation


When you are busy with the movers at the office, there’s bound to be a lot of clutter on the floor – from tape to cardboard boxes and containers.  You may want to brief your employees about the various hazards on the floor and ask them to take care when entering the office. You may also want to take their help in securing essential and confidential files, and safely packing it away. When it comes to shopping around for reliable movers, then you may want to begin searching online for cheap movers in Auckland.

Employee Injuries

During relocation, you may have your staff help you with some of the heavy containers. It is advisable to Google search for cheap movers in Auckland rather than get your staff to pitch in. As the manager, you happen to be ultimately responsible for the well being of your staff and that you are duty-bound to provide your staff with a healthy work environment. According to the HSWA act (2015), the employer bears the ultimate responsibility when it comes to providing his workers with a safe environment. You need to take effective measures to ensure that your employees continue to remain safe – during the relocation process.


the Chances are that during the move, you are bound to have free-standing furniture, around the office. Make sure that your employees are warned about it and ask them to take due care when approaching the said furniture. You may also want to secure those cabinets and other free-standing furniture and move them away from the common areas.


Dust is omnipresent during relocation; the process is invasive, and in turn, it tends to kick up a lot of dust. You may want to check in with your employees and find out if any of them tend to suffer from dust allergies. You may also want to use a heavy-duty vacuum to clean up the office premises at periodic intervals. And if you have employees who tend to suffer from conditions such as asthma, you may want to ask them to leave the premises while the relocation process is on.

Emergency exits

According to Work safe, New Zealand’s workplace health and safety regulator, you are required to ensure that your emergency exits remain obstruction-free, under all circumstances. And that includes relocation – so ask your staff to keep an eye so that your emergency exits remain clear. Make sure that it is obstruction-free and that the employees have a clear line of sight of the various emergency exits.

Creepy Crawlies

Both Australia and New Zealand are home to more than a few creepy crawlies. And the relocation process is both bound to kick up dust as well as disturb some of the creepy crawlies.  And if your office happens to be on the ground floor, then you may want to warn your staff regarding the same and ask them to check their office desk and closed places. This is done to ensure that their work areas are free of both rodents and harmful insects.

These are some of the guidelines that you may want to follow, especially during relocation. Just make sure that the relocation process goes through smoothly and that you can complete it successfully without any untoward accidents. Please remember to double-check the boxes once they have been shipped to the new location.

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