9 HR Management Tips for Happy Employees and Smooth Running Companies.

Human capital is our most valuable asset as leaders. Managing people can be complex and rewarding. Sometimes, we all need a helping hand to ensure our employees are treated well. Learn our best tips and tricks for making the life of every HR professional easier and driving your company forward.

Knowing your employees’ personalities

Every employee under the management of your company brings to the table a wealth of knowledge, personal experience, and unique personality traits-and, which is a beautiful thing! The personality traits of your employees may influence your human capital based on their industry. Personality data, for example, shows how engineers dislike being blamed when it’s not their fault. Attorneys value feedback about their performance, and software developers enjoy their privacy.

Consider giving out Myers Briggs or Enneagram personality tests to learn more about your employees’ feelings about leadership, work-life balance, collaborative versus individual work, etc. Personality data is a great way to convey that understanding.

Golden Rule

This concept is well known, but reminding people of its importance is good. It is good to remind ourselves of the Golden Rule occasionally.

Imagine yourself in a prospective employee’s shoes when interacting with them during recruitment. We all remember the anxiety and fear that comes with job hunting. Responding quickly, politely, and respectfully to potential employees is essential. This will help ease their concerns and make your company stand out in recruitment.

Employer Health and Wellness: A Proactive Approach

You can encourage your employees to live an active lifestyle by giving them Fitbits or Apple Watches as holiday gifts or budgeting for gym memberships in their benefits package. As part of their benefits package, you can provide Fitbits and Apple Watches to your employees as holiday gifts.

Create a Positive and Strong Culture

According to Deloitte, 94% of executives and 88% of employees believe that the culture of their business is critical to its success. The same survey found a strong correlation between employees who are happy at work and want to remain at their company and those who believe their company has a strong culture.

What are the best ways to build your organization’s positive culture? According to research, employees value great perks and a company’s investment in their training and development. They also appreciate flexibility in scheduling and snacks.

When to consult HR & compliance experts

Human Resources is an ever-changing and complex field that requires foresight. HR professionals must be up-to-date on state and federal law, ACA regulations, and wage and hour laws. , among others, is also essential. Even seemingly insignificant things, like knowing whether a worker should be classified as an employee or independent contractor, can have colossal tax and legal implications for your business.

It is only possible for some companies to have a legal team in-house. It is essential to know when to seek an expert for legal advice.

“Just ask!”

Many HR professionals are trying to reinvent the wheel to create a workplace where employees will want to invest their time and stay. We often need to remember the most valuable and accurate resource we have at our disposal: Our employees! When you don’t ask employees how they feel and what they want, it’s easy to underestimate or even overestimate their happiness with a particular benefit or policy.

A recent study by 2020 found that 91% of C-level executives and vice presidents believe their employees are satisfied with their work environment and benefits, even though 31% of the employees surveyed said they were not. Asking and listening to your employees’ needs will help you retain your best talent.

Work with a financial advisor to explain the benefits of your investment

Your employees may be receiving excellent employee matching and 401K benefits. But do they know how to take full advantage of them? You could invite a Financial Advisor with fiduciary advisors from a local firm, such as Morgan Stanley, to hold a catered workshop for your employees.

Choose a Fiduciary Advisor who cares for your employees. Fiduciary advisers are legally required to place their client’s interests first and do what suits each person they serve. “Non-fiduciary” advisors do not share this responsibility. Financial advisors will love the chance to meet potential clients, and employees will appreciate a better benefits package.

Social Media: Attract qualified candidates

Your marketing team likely created your social media presence for one specific audience: your clients. They should also consider what the image of your company says to potential employees. As an HR professional, you know your company’s success depends on the people who work there. It’s an excellent time to start cross-departmental communication: talk with your marketing department about the strategy for attracting top candidates via social media.

Invest in an HR platform that is a single system

It can be time-consuming and a nightmare for HR to switch between applications or have employees retype information they’ve already entered. The technology will streamline your HR and benefits work, so you can manage HR and benefits from a central location.

Benely: Manage your HR and Benefits with ease

You need a platform that can be used easily by employees, not just HR professionals. Bentley, for example, provides a platform to help companies onboard new employees. It also allows employees to enroll in health insurance plans and streamlines the enrollment process with insurance providers. Are you ready to simplify your HR tasks? Contact Benely or request a demo.

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‘HR Shopper’ has a 10 years of experience in management and HR in top 2 global MNC’s. Understanding the employee needs as well as organization productivity she adopts the techniques that create perfect balance satisfying the needs of both.

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