An INC article entitled “What Does The Future of Human Resources Look like?” caught my attention. I particularly liked the last paragraph, where the author discusses job title changes. They conclude that changing from chief human resource officer to chief experience officer signals a professional shift.

That’s something I can’t entirely agree with. Both the candidate experience and the employee experience are integral parts of HR. It’s possible that we didn’t refer to it as the same thing. Or give it the same priority. It’s always been there.

However, I believe articles such as the INC one should encourage HR departments to have focused, intentional conversations about how they function. It’s not just about what policies and programs we want to implement over the next year but also where we are going and how our work supports that. Here are some of the most popular HR Bartender posts that pertain to human resources.

Human Resources is moving from People Science to Data Science.

Human resources have always been about people. HR today is shifting from people science to data sciences – it’s all about people. This is a significant shift for HR and business.

Human Resources Add Value to Your Company

Human resources are valuable because they can guide and empower employees and their managers. It isn’t easy to adapt to a constantly changing business environment.

The Role of HR in Helping Organizations Accept Feedback

Organizations and individuals can benefit from a feedback culture that encourages them to do their best work. However, the input must be consistent and high quality. Five key factors impact feedback from HR.

How to Keep Employee Files

There will always be compliance in HR. The sensitive and critical information in employee files is important. They must be kept in order.

Measure Success in Your HR Programs

Only one way to determine if your HR programs have been a success is to measure their results. You may have many ways to do this. This is a tried and true method.

The Key Metrics of HR Predictive Analytics

A growing number of HR departments are creating analytical roles. These three key metrics are important for HR predictive analytics.

Human resources departments must look at their capabilities if they want to grow. It is often mentioned that department managers should invest in their employees. The HR department must invest in itself. Here are some places to start:

Different Types of Power at the Workplace

There are seven types of power at work. All of us have power. Find out how to use power in your workplace.

HR Competencies: Turning Knowledge into Action

Competencies are essential for our careers. SHRM knows too. The SHRM Competency Model has been published as a free ebook.

There are reasons to hold a business meeting.

A good business meeting is one of the most valuable skills professionals can learn. There are three reasons why you should hold a business meeting.

SHRM Certification – Why should HR professionals pay attention

The competency model for human resource professionals is the basis of SHRM Certification. Alex Alonso, SHRM, explains the benefits of SHRM Certification.

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‘HR Shopper’ has a 10 years of experience in management and HR in top 2 global MNC’s. Understanding the employee needs as well as organization productivity she adopts the techniques that create perfect balance satisfying the needs of both.

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